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Help Stop Illegal Dumping

What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is waste that has been deliberately dumped on public or private property. In its various forms, illegal dumping is unsightly, costly and poses environmental and health risks. Chilliwack is a beautiful community, surrounded by rivers, mountains and natural spaces. It’s important that everyone does their part to preserve Chilliwack for generations to come.  

Report Illegal Dumping

If illegal dumping is observed on City property, the details should be reported to the City of Chilliwack's Bylaw Enforcement Department at 604.793.2908. The more details provided and the sooner they are conveyed, the more likely action can be taken. Some sites may be cordoned off and investigated before cleaning up the dumped materials.

Most illegal dumping occurs on Crown land (riverbanks, gravel bars, forest service roads, etc.). If illegal dumping is observed on Crown land, report it to the appropriate agency below:

1. Natural Resource Officers:

  • Litter/items from camps on Crown land for more than two weeks
  • Cutting of trees for structures or fuel without a permit
  • Contact: 1.877.952.7277 or #7277 (option 2) or

2. Conservation Officer Service:

  • Illegal dumping (not related to camps)
  • Pollution
  • Poaching
  • Degradation of fish habitat
  • Damage from off-road vehicle use
  • Contact: 1.877.952.7277 or #7277 (option 1) or

3. BC Wildfire Service:

  • Situations that pose an imminent fire risk (ex. smoke columns, fires, and Wildfire Regulation violations)
  • Contact: 1.800.663.5555 or *5555

4. Fisheries and Oceans Canada:

  • Permanent alteration or destruction to fish habitat including fish kills
  • Fish nets left or caught in rivers
  • Contact: 604.607.4186 and 1.877.952.7277 or #7277 (option 1)

5. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI):

    • Litter/items along highways
    • Litter/items from camps under Provincial highway overpasses, bridges, culverts, etc.
    • Contact: Emil Anderson Maintenance Co. 1.800.667.5122 or MOTI 604.527.2221

Pallet Fires

Pallets are often treated with chemicals or painted. When people bring pallets to environmentally sensitive areas like the Fraser and Vedder Rivers to burn, they harm the environment, fish, animals, and people. Pallet fires create pollution and leave behind chemicals and nails in our natural spaces.

The City’s Open Air Burning Regulation Bylaw, the provincial Environmental Management Act, and the Wildfire Act ban burning pallets in the City of Chilliwack.

To report a pallet fire:
Chilliwack Fire Department
9-1-1 after hours

                                 To report pallets left on public property:
Bylaw Enforcement Department

Ways to Get Involved

Organize a Cleanup

The City of Chilliwack supports organized cleanups of illegal dumping hotspots located on public land within City boundaries and in FVRD Electoral Area E (Chilliwack River Valley) in two ways:

  1. Providing free Tag-a-Bag stickers for waste

    A “before” photo is required prior to the event. This can even be taken on a smart phone and e-mailed to Once reviewed, and if approved, free Tag-a-Bag stickers will be made available for pick up at the Engineering reception desk at City Hall.

    The tags can be placed on collected bags of waste and a member of your group who resides in Chilliwack and is on the City’s Curbside Collection Program can place the bags at the curb on their regular collection day at no cost. This works best for small cleanups resulting in 1-5 bags.

  2. Providing a free tipping pass for the Bailey Landfill

    A “before” photo and proposed cleanup location/description is required prior to the event. This can even be taken on a smart phone and e-mailed to Once reviewed, and if approved, a free tipping pass will be made available for pick up at the Engineering reception desk at City Hall.

    With the pass in hand, your group can head to the landfill and tip the material into the appropriate bins at no cost. This works best for cleanups where a truckload or more is gathered.

Adopt a Park, Trail, Road or River

To help keep our roads, rivers, parks and trails clean, groups of all kinds contribute to the community by cleaning litter on a regular basis. If you would like to organize a cleanup to address periodic roadside litter or a hotspot in need of attention on a regular basis, visit or contact to enquire about signing up for the City of Chilliwack's Adopt-a-Road/River/Park/Trail programs.

Get Involved with the Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance (FVIDA)

The City of Chilliwack is working with the BC Conservation Officer Service, Fraser Valley Regional District and stewardship groups to develop and implement an Illegal Dumping Strategy for Chilliwack. These groups have come together to form the Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance (FVIDA).

For more information and opportunities to get involved, contact:

Fraser Riverkeeper

City of Chilliwack Engineering Department


How to Sort, Donate, Sell, or Discard your Items

  • Use the Waste Wizard to find recycling/disposal options for hundreds of items. 
  • Post items in good condition for free using social media, websites, or classifieds.
    Donate items in good condition. A list of several local organizations is available on our website here.
  • Bring unwanted items to the Bailey Landfill or nearby recycling depots for responsible disposal.
  • Reduce! Before making a purchase, consider whether you really need to.

What if I don’t have a vehicle to transport my items?

No vehicle? Don’t let that prevent you from responsibly disposing of your unwanted items. There are lots of creative, cost-effective options for responsible disposal. For example, try some of the following ideas:

    • Contact a non-profit that may pick up items in good condition.
    • Post an ad online for useable items and specify pick up as a requirement.
    • Ask friends or family if they would have a use for the item.
    • Organize a neighbourhood disposal day with neighbours who do have vehicles and split the cost.
    • Host a garage sale and list items for free. 


City Initiatives to Support Responsible Disposal

The City of Chilliwack hosts multiple events throughout the year to promote waste reduction, reuse and responsible disposal:

Semi-Annual City-Wide Garage Sale

  • Held every spring and fall, the City-Wide Garage Sale promotes the reuse of materials.

Household Hazardous Waste Day

  • Held every October, residents can dispose of their household hazardous waste for FREE at this event in an environmentally responsible manner.

Spring Cleanup – Residential Large Item Pickup

  • Held in April as an Earth Month initiative, groups will pick up bulky household items by donation.

Free Scrap Metal Recycling

  • For the months of April and October, scrap metal can be dropped off at the Bailey Landfill for free!

Shred a Thon

  • Residents can bring their household documents to be shredded at this event held in June and December.

Landfill Cost Estimator

Bailey Landfill Cost Estimator

Various factors can influence material weight; your fees may vary. If differences occur between estimated costs/weights derived here and at the scale house, the scale house costs/weights will be used.

1. Choose Your Waste Type:

Food waste, yard waste, & food-soiled paper.

Declare Wild Game Trimmings at the scale house. Restrictions apply. Call the City at 604.793.2907 for details.

Scrap metal can be recycled for free at the Bailey Landfill during the months of April and October (standard tipping fees apply for all other months).
All of the pieces must be free of rebar and less than 30 cm in any dimension. Analytical test results may be required for soil.
Free for residential quantities.
Free for residential quantities (max. 25 litres per vehicle, per day).

2. Choose Your Units:

3. Enter Your Estimated Weight of the Item or Materials

Please use only numeric characters in the weight field.
Please make sure to select your waste type and the units of measure.
Various factors can influence material weight; your fees may vary. If differences occur between estimated costs/weights derived here and at the scale house, the scale house costs/weights will be used.

Estimated Cost