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Street Lighting

Street lighting increases night time safety for road users and reduces crime levels. The two main classifications are 'Ornamental' and “Lease” lights. 'Ornamental' lights are maintained by the City of Chilliwack and are typically on galvanized steel or concrete “heritage” type posts. 'Lease' lights are typically on wood poles and are owned and maintained by BC Hydro at locations throughout the city.

Report a Street Light Outage

For maintenance on any of these lights, please take note of these important details:

  • Location of the light
  • What type of pole is the street light on, i.e. metal or wood?

Please call the Engineering Department at 604.793.2907 or email

Registering a BC Hydro Street Light Outage

If the light is out on a wood pole, City of Chilliwack staff will register that outage with BC Hydro’s computerized reporting system. Once registered, BC Hydro places it in a priority listing. There is no way for the City of Chilliwack to check on the progress of BC Hydro’s repairs and are unable to attempt to expedite their process.