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Traffic Signal Upgrade (Mary at Hodgins)


In 2018, the City conducted a corridor safety review for Mary Street done with ISL Engineering Ltd. in cooperation with ICBC. The review of the intersection of Mary St and Hodgins Ave showed that though the traffic operations performance was determined to be providing a good level of service, it was observed that the intersection had a significant number of crossing pedestrians, many elderly or otherwise with slower crossing times due to the proximity of the hospital. It is expected that the addition of eastbound and westbound left turn protected phase will improve intersection safety for both pedestrians and vehicles. The advance protected left-turn phase would allow left turning vehicles to make the movement without conflicting with pedestrian movements, alleviating some of the potential driver impatience and risky movements.

Project Details:

  • The traffic signal upgrades will include a new signal controller and new left turn signals for eastbound and westbound traffic from Hodgins Avenue onto Mary Street.

Construction Timeline:

  • January - March 31, 2021

Current Work:

  • The contractor, Fraser City Installations Ltd. will be working Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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