Curbside Recycling

Important Information: Our Recycling Program Changed on March 1st

Why did our curbside recycling program change?

On March 1, 2017, Chilliwack joined the provincial stewardship program for packaging and printed paper.  This brings some changes to our curbside recycling program.

The stewardship program helps shift the responsibility for recycling packaging and printed paper to the businesses that produce those materials.  The program is administered by RecycleBC (formerly Multi-Material BC), who collects funds from the producers and offers financial incentives for curbside collection programs. Joining the program will help keep Chilliwack's curbside fees low.

Who is affected by these changes?

The changes affect the recycling collection service provided to single-family homes and duplexes by the City of Chilliwack through Emterra Environmental. 

This does not apply to the townhouses or apartments with collection service from private waste companies.  A small number of townhouses have applied to be part of the City's curbside program, but most townhouses receive service through a private waste company.

Not sure if you are part of our curbside program?  Click here to check your address.

What changed on March 1st?

With the new program, residents are able to recycle some additional materials at curbside (aerosol containers, dairy cartons, and a few other new items).  Some items, including plastic bags, glass and styrofoam cannot be collected curbside, but can be taken to a depot for free recycling. The recycler requires these materials to be separated from curbside recyclables because they can break easily or are more difficult to sort. Keeping them separate allows the materials to be recycled more efficiently and to the highest possible use.

Changes to the program are highlighted below. A more detailed list and explanation of the accepted materials is provided at the bottom of this webpage.

Looking for recycling/disposal options for items?

In addition to the new materials we are accepting at curbside, you can continue to place the following recyclables in your blue/clear bags or containers for weekly collection.

Material Preparation Reminders

  • Empty and rinse containers – food waste contaminates recyclables
  • Remove caps and lids from containers and place loose in recycling
  • Flatten and cut cardboard to max. 1.25 m/4ft length, place in recycling container/blue bag or stack beside/under containers at the curb.

Residents may continue using their existing curbside recycling containers or blue/ clear bags for placing materials at the curb. There is no limit to the total amount of recyclables that can be placed at the curb for collection. Each container can be up to a maximum 120L and must have a lid and handles.

Education and Enforcement

Information on the recycling program changes is being provided to residents through:

  • Council presentation (February 7)
  • Door hangers (February 24)
  • Newspaper, radio and social media ads (February - April)
  • Curbside information tags (March - ongoing)

Enforcement will be phased in:

  1. Phase 1 - Starting March 1, information tags (see sample below) will be left to notify residents of problems with the recycling contents, but materials will still be collected during this initial education phase. 
  2. Phase 2 - After the initial education phase, non-compliant recycling materials will be left at the curb with information tags. Residents will be able to rectify any problems with the materials and place their recycling out for collection the following week.

Enforcement update: the education phase has been extended and is still in effect.  Additional time is being provided for residents to  get used to sorting glass and plastic bags.

The City will notify residents through this website and ads before we proceed to the second phase of enforcement. 

Watch for these information tags during Phase 1 of education/enforcement:

Description Date File Size
Curbside Changes Pamphlet 2017-03-10 473KB
Curbside Recycling List 2017-03-28 748KB
Plastics Recycling Guide 2017-04-05 491KB
Updated May 2017 Curbside Sorting Guide 2017-03-23 256KB

Recycling/Bottle Depots

Information on Recycling/Bottle Depots including locations, hours of operation, and items accepted