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The primary function of the City Clerk’s function is supporting the legislative matters and decisions of Council.  This includes the following:

  • prepare and distribute Council meeting agendas
  • record and preserve minutes of Council meetings
  • prepare, maintain and preserve all City bylaws and make copies available to the public
  • administer oaths, take and receive affidavits and affirmations required to be taken under oath
  • maintain custody of the City Seal
  • signing authority for contracts and agreements

Other responsibilities of this department include property management; the construction/maintenance of civic buildings; and, preparation for local government elections.


The next local general election is scheduled for October 20, 2018. This page contains information concerning Local Government Elections, including how to run for office and how to vote.

2018 Election Results | Hourly Voter Count | List of Candidates 2018 | Running for Office | Voting in Chilliwack

Public Hearings Connector

As a result of the public health emergency and resulting restrictions on public gatherings, public attendance at City Hall for Council meetings is not permitted at this time, but there are still ways to participate in public hearings.